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ALL puppies are cute and adorable - But will they stay that way?  Selection of a reputable breeder is the MOST important step you can take to ensure a wonderful, healthy and loving pet. Veterinary care is expensive and your new dog will be with you for the next 10-15 years.  Now is not the time to look for a bargain!  There are always some health issues within each breed. No breed or line is completely free of inherited health problems.  Responsible breeders try to avoid inherited defects by researching pedigrees and screening parents for health and temperament issues BEFORE breeding each litter.  

Buying a QUALITY puppy from health tested parents and champion lines, will assure the puppy will be healthier then buying from a pet shop, back yard breeder or puppy mill.  Reputable breeders do NOT place puppies for sale in pet shops.

What you should ask when calling breeders:

Is the mother or father on the premises?   One parent should always be available for you to meet.

What health testing has been done?  Go to for a complete list.

How old are the parents?  They should not be under 18 months old.

  • To protect the breed, our companion puppies are adopted with a limited registration from the American Kennel Club (AKC).  On a limited registration puppies are still eligible for rally, obedience and therapy dog activities. 

  • Unsure whether to adopt a male or female?  The sex of a puppy should not be an issue. When spayed or neutered, both male and female Lagottos make equally great companions; both are very loyal.

  • We supply the first set of vaccines and de-worming.  We also provide information on how to care specifically for your new Lagotto puppy.  

  • We give a two year health guarantee on your puppy.

  • If you are interested please fill out and return the puppy application found on the next page.  We do require a deposit to hold a puppy for you.  You can email us your application and pay the deposit by PayPal.

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